The Executive Dental Health Examination is based on Dr. David Forlano's Comprehensive Dental Assessment.  It is a two day process.  On the first day, we perform Step 1 and Step 2; we gather and analyze your data.  On the second day, we perform Step 3; we provide an explanation of the findings.  You will gain a remarkable understanding of your overall dental status and how it affects your life.



The Comprehenisive Dental Assessment was created by Dr. David Forlano. It is a system used to quantify an individual's masticatory system at a certain point in time. The masticatory system is the functioning part of the body that allows us to chew, speak, swallow, taste and breathe. The system is comprised of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, teeth and gums all controlled by an intricate neurological system that regulates and coordinates these components. The CDA is also a communication tool that optimizes doctor-patient communication and simplifies understanding of the complexities of the masticatory system.



It takes approximately 2 hours to gather the necesssary data for the Comprehensive Dental Assessment.  A 15-30 minute break can be taken midway through the session.  The process is painless.  The following is performed:

  • dental and medical history including cross referencing all medications
  • clinical head and neck examination
  • airway assessment
  • cone beam scan
  • cephlometric image
  • transcranial images
  • bitewing images
  • complete photo series
  • oral pathology screening
  • oral cancer screening
  • clinical & radiographic dental evaluation
  • cosmetic evaluation including a facial, lip and smile analysis
  • anatomical assessment of the jaw bones and joints
  • arch form and occlusal analysis
  • in-depth periodontal examination




After you complete Step 1 you will be dismissed for the day. We will analyse the data using the Comprehensive Dental Assessment tool. This takes several hours and can not be hurried. You are free to enjoy the rest of the day at local attractions.




The condition of your masticatory system is explained, in private, via the Comprehensive Dental Assessment scoring tool and visual aids for communication and understanding. This takes aproximately 90 minutes, depending upon the complexitiy of the individual case. Your spouse or family member can attend.


A written report is provided.  If necessary, written treatment options are provided and can be tranferred to a dentist of your choice.  Although most patients prefer us to render the treatment, there is no pressure or obligation to do so. Our goal is to educate you on the condition of your masticatory system so that you can make educated and appropriate decisions on your future dental care. You will leave with an elevated understanding and knowledge of your masticatory system.




Although it is difficult to put an exact value on one's oral health, many would agree that knowledge is priceless.  We believe the fee of $1,295 for the Executive Dental Health Examination and the Comprehensive Dental Assessment is commisurate with our experience, technology, and the service provided.  Although a portion of this fee may be reimbursed by an insurance carrier, we believe our services are value-based on a competent and trusting doctor-patient relationship.



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